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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Why do we not drink water after eating?

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As indicated by Ayurveda drinking water subsequent to eating resembles harm. You more likely than not heard that you don't drink water instantly after nourishment. In the event that you need to carry on with your life soundly, drink water simply after no less than 40 minutes of nourishment. In the event that we acknowledge little things written in Ayurveda then how great our life can be. Be that as it may, we make a ton of work amiss with our own particular comprehension. 
5. भोजन के बीच में भी ना पिएं पानी
On the off chance that you drink water promptly subsequent to eating, its immediate impact falls on the stomach related tract. The sustenance we eat is processed in the gastragini situated in the left piece of the navel. Gastaragli wins in the wake of eating for one hour for sustenance. As per Ayurveda, sustenance is processed by the fire of the gast. In the event that we drink water quickly then it is extremely hard to process nourishment. Accordingly Ayurveda has kept this hole in eating and drinking water. 

 6. क्‍या कहती हैं स्‍टडी
On the off chance that you live on the mountain, drink water following a few hours of eating. This is on the grounds that it requires investment to process sustenance as indicated by nature. At whatever point you savor water the morning, take one taste and drink water. This will keep your body warm. In the event that you begin feeling parched not long after breakfast, you can drink organic product juice. In the meantime you can take yogurt or buttermilk after lunch. 
 7. बढता है ब्‍लड शुगर लेवल
In any case, they likewise contain water, yet they help to process sustenance easily and with no misfortune. Water ought to dependably be warm/murmuring or as indicated by body temperature. Drinking icy water does not achieve the blood in a few sections of the body. After some time, it causes shortcomings and many kinds of illnesses, for example, heart assault, kidney disappointment, mind discharge and so forth. Drinking icy water more often than not is the principle explanation behind clogging. This agreements an internal organ which produces numerous intricacies. This thing additionally applies to other cool sustenance things. Many individuals have a propensity for drinking a glass of water amidst the dinner. You ought not do this in light of the fact that along these lines, fermented stomach related corrosive is broken down and pulverized and the sustenance isn't legitimately processed and the stomach overlooks and the issue of gas emerges. By drinking water promptly after two dinners, our body does not appropriately assimilate the sustenance that is eating. 
 9. खुद को हाइड्रेट रखें
On the off chance that you drink more water then the chemicals will break down and wreck them. Along these lines, longos appear to have heart consume and corrosiveness. The nourishment isn't appropriately processed subsequent to drinking water promptly in the wake of eating. In this sustenance the current glucose straight transforms into fat and the body begins to be put away. This procedure expands the level of insulin which additionally builds the level of glucose. It additionally prompts diabetes and furthermore builds corpulence. The way the water begins to solidify in the ceased lake, drinking water quickly in the wake of eating it doesn't process sustenance. Because of which the stomach sustenance begins to end up plainly a firm and begins to cause numerous maladies. 
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There has been a great deal of level headed discussion on the time and measure of water you ought to have some time recently, with and after suppers. Many individuals have the propensity for bringing down umpteen glasses of water alongside their dinners, maybe with the goal of washing down the nourishment and trusting that this guides the stomach related process. In any case, nutritionists over the world expel the thought unequivocally. Different investigations demonstrate that the training extremely hampers absorption by weakening the basic gastric squeezes and causes an upsurge in insulin levels. The issue here is three-overlay: devouring water before suppers, expending water close by dinners, and expending water after dinners. 
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Prestigious nutritionist Dr. Anju Sood says, "It generally takes two hours to process what you eat. The nourishment experiences your throat to the stomach, at that point to your colon before being flushed out of your framework. There is a sure liquid strong extent in our gastric framework. In the event that you expend water before the dinners, you are not just exasperating the liquid part by weakening what you eat, you are additionally securing the absorption procedure as the nourishment now enters the digestive organ much sooner than it should. Henceforth it isn't prudent to have water just before your supper."

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