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Monday, 8 January 2018

In This New Year, Kim Jong,His Move has Surprised Everyone!

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The cruel dictator Kim Jong of North Korea has now agreed to sit at the table of talks with South Korea. In the new year's speech, Kim, who indicated signs of improvement in relations with South Korea. Dictator Kim has stepped forward and accepted the invitation for talks of South Korea.

The talks between the two countries will be in Panamun Jom village, which is situated on the border of both the countries. The conversation may take place in the beginning of next week. The agenda includes improvement in Pyongchang Winter Olympics and inter-Korean relations. South Korea's Ministry of Integration has confirmed the news of the meeting. The Ministry of Integration sees relations with North Korea.
This week, the hotline service has begun between the two countries for two years. Only the excuses of the Winter Olympics, but the frozen ice melting has begun on the relations between the two countries. South Korea described the Winter Olympics as the Peace Olympics for the Korean Peninsula, and the result of that is that the dispute between the two countries has come down.

South Korea has postponed its shared maneuvers with America. Until the Winter Olympics, the two countries will not conduct maneuvers. Let us tell you that the first Winter Olympics in South Korea will be held from February 9 to March 18.

Kim, who always watched America and South Korea's maneuvers as a preparatory war for North Korea. Kim has raised the hand of friendship towards South Korea, but his policy and strategy against the United States still remains the same.
Meanwhile, the US welcomed the dialogue between the two countries. But it has made it clear that its strictness against North Korea will continue. President Donald Trump said in a tweet, "Experts across the world have failed but have not spoken. Does anyone still feel that if I was not strict against North Korea then would that be the conversation? Silly, but dialogue is a good initiative. "

Mr. Kim might be incompletely inspired by an exceptional need to move back authorizations that, from every angle, have started to nibble. 

As a major aspect of the suggestion, Mr. Kim additionally consented to a demand by Mr. Moon to send a North Korean appointment to the Winter Olympics. The South Korean president is wagering that the North is far more averse to disturb the Olympics, with rocket launchings or a demonstration of psychological oppression, if North Korean competitors are contending. 

The risk is viewed as sufficiently solid by the organization that Mr. Trump has implied at the likelihood of a pre-emptive strike if all else fails.

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