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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Why USA, UK And Chine Might disappear In Next 20 Years? Bad News For World

Bulletincafe team again comes with a interesting topic. Today Bulletincafe will tell you some contrary name  which will disappear in next 20 years and why?

Britain could cease to exist as the world knows it - and it’s not the only country under threat. 
From pollution to cultural tensions and economic crisis, there are many factors that threaten the longevity of these 7 nations.

1. USA

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There are many cultural divides between the states of America that have existed since the civil war. 
Let us tell you there are 50 states in the United States of America in 2012 who have applied for their independence. Which has 675000 signatures. At present, Alaska and Texas are two such states, which stand at the top for their independence. It can be traced, that in the coming 20 years all the states of the United States will be separated and the United States will disappear in the form of a nation.
Top Lists said: “If these deep-rooted political and cultural differences within the US aren’t rectified, it’s possible some states could break free.”

2. United Kingdom 

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Last year, Scotland had applied to be separated from the United Kingdom. Scotland wants to separate itself from the United Kingdom. There are some people who want to live in the kingdom of the Kingdom of the United Kingdom, but there are some people who want to see themselves independent. If Scotland is separated from the United Kingdom, there are other states that would like to separate themselves from the United Kingdom. In such a situation, England can disappear in the coming time. 

3. China

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It has the largest military and one of the most powerful economies in the world. But much of the country’s environment has been destroyed. Top Lists said: “Half of China’s rivers and reservoirs are polluted beyond what’s considered safe for any kind of human consumption.” China’s water supply is on track to run out completely by 2030. 

4. North Korea

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You know all about North Korea's political system. In some years, North Korea will open its boundaries. Because there is a lack of resources on there. This clearly indicates that there will be no place named North Korea in the coming time.

5. Islamic State

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This controversial entry made its way into the 10-strong list even though it’s not a country. There are a multitude of forces around the world that are currently at war with IS and the only way for the state to survive would be to ally with one of these forces - which remains highly unlikely. 

6. Libya

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Libya was an Italian colony until 1951 and now the country is fracturing. It used to be separated into three regions and residents remain divided. 

7. Belgium

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Citizens of Belgium are ethnically divided. There are two halves - Flanders and Wallonia - and they don’t have much in common. Top Lists said: “In the next 20 years Belgium may fracture, creating two new countries in Europe.”

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