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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

The Dark Side of American History

This lister understands that he has posted a few America-lauding records, and offers this rundown as a détente to every one of the outsiders out there. For decency, might we acknowledge great from America and not underhanded? 


Disgraceful Event: Bipartisan Politics
Not an occasion, however a perspective, out of which numerous awful occasions have determined. The U. S. has two essential political gatherings, the Democratic and the Republican. The present risk of the administration itself to "close down" in Washington D. C. hosts been caused by the two gatherings declining to coexist with each other. They can't stand each other's political thoughts, and decline to yield one inch of ground in any case. Subsequently, nothing is getting proficient by the American government.Not that the bipartisanship ought to be nullified. 
There ought to be two sides to each issue, yet there ought to likewise be something we jump at the chance to call "bargain" between them. Yet, the Senate and Congress routinely vote straight down partisan divisions without tuning in to, or thinking about, the opposite side's ion on an issue.The significant issue at the season of this present rundown's arrangement is spending consumptions, which, if not settled, will "close down" the administration, after which the Senate, Congress and President's Cabinet will keep on being paid, yet the groups of dynamic fighters abroad won't get any more paychecks.Republicans accept excessively cash is being spent. 
Democrats need significantly more cash spent keeping in mind the end goal to animate the economy. The Republicans consider this delving down so as to move out of a gap, and around and around we go.It has become so awful, that photos have surfaced, from inside the House and Senate, demonstrating Democrats playing Solitaire, Freecell and Minesweeper on their portable PCs while Republicans give talks. The reason? They furiously decline to tune in and be influenced from their positions. In spite of the fact that there is at present no verification, the Republicans are likely similarly as liable of such fooling around. 

9.Monkey Trial
Despicable Event: The Scopes "Monkey" 
TrialA infamous unsuccessful labor of equity and a genuine misuse of enactment. Enactment is exceedingly thought of in America, to the point that laws are put on the books for some exceptionally interesting, unfair and numbskull things. There are many sites devoted to dumb American laws, and only for the sake of entertainment, this lister, an aficionado of "How To Train Your Dragon," here gives his top pick. Coordinate from Utah: "it is unlawful to chase, murder, take, trap, have or engage in sexual relations with mythical beasts." It's on the books, or so the site says. 
This lister doesn't question it.The Scopes Trial, in any case, was an intense issue and remains along these lines, since at its core was the Tennessee state law against instructing advancement. Creationism was the request of the day, and John Scopes purposely infringed upon the law keeping in mind the end goal to put the genuine law on trial. The whole country descended over him, for and against, and his essential guard lawyer was Clarence Darrow, an acknowledged skeptic. He was up against previous 3-time presidential competitor William J. Bryan, an affirmed Christian fundamentalist. It took care of business simply like a boxing match.The judge was John Raulston, an extremely traditionalist Christian who cited the Bible frequently all through the joke. He bolstered Bryan's arraignment more frequently than Darrow's barrier, and every logical examination were refused from the procedures. No fossils, no stones, no researcher's declaration. Dinosaurs were alive 4,000 years back in light of the fact that Bryan said as much. God made the Earth on October 22, 4004 BC, at 7:30 at night. That is a summarized cite. Darrow quickly called Bryan to the remain as a "specialist" on the Bible. Bryan recognized what was coming, yet was unafraid. 
Darrow addressed him on the idea of Eve originating from Adam's rib. Assuming this is, "where the damnation did Cain's better half originated from? Did they have another creation over in the following county?"Then he doubted the date of Earth's creation. "To what extent was the main day? You can't quantify a day without daylight, and God didn't make the sun till the fourth day." Raulston really enabled this act to continue for 2 hours. The entire trial was paid for by charge cash. At last Scopes lost, as everybody expected would occur in Tennessee. Darrow spoke to the state's Supreme Court, which toppled the decision on a detail, instead of address the main problem (which basically can't be settled, in light of the fact that neither one of the sides needs it settled): Judge Raulston had requested Scopes to pay a $100 fine, yet he ought to have left this choice with the jury. So the fine was canceled. 

Despicable Event: Medals of Honor
 at Wounded KneeOn December 29, 1890, close to the banks of Wounded Knee Creek, in Lakota Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, in South Dakota, a unit of 500 men of the seventh U. S. Mounted force, drove by Col. James Forsyth, encompassed a place to stay of 350 Indians. They were under requests to incapacitate the Indians, and when they endeavored to do as such, a hard of hearing Indian named Black Coyote did not comprehend what they were stating and did not have any desire to give up his rifle, since it was costly, and the Cavalry had no privilege to take it.In the resulting fight amongst him and 2 or 3 warriors, a shot was discharged, either coincidentally, or as a notice for him to quiet down. 
Rather, the whole seventh mounted force opened fire on prompt, accepting that the Indians had started dangers. The greater part of the 120 Indian men were outfitted, however had proposed to surrender. Presently they needed to guard themselves and their families and let go back.The troopers butchered no less than 150 men, ladies, and youngsters, a large portion of the last two unarmed and running for their lives or cringing. The Cavalry was so savage in its attack that crossfire murdered around 30 fighters. 4 Hotchkiss (Gatling) weapons were additionally utilized on the group. The mounted force, on steeds, pursued down injured Indians in the blanketed fields and shot them down from behind.As unpleasant as the demonstration itself remains, it appears to be far and away more terrible to compound an already painful situation, and the Army granted twenty men the Medal of Honor. That is the most elevated American military honor for battle boldness. 
The criteria for accepting have turned out to be substantially more stringent since WWII, yet that isn't intended to dishonor the activities of the officers who earned it in the Civil War or later.It is, nonetheless, very monstrous to grant it to fighters who were not in intense threat of death. A large portion of the Indian men who had rifles were shot down before they could get a shot off. Appraisals, however we will never know without a doubt, put the cavalrymen executed by Indians at 5. It is trusted the other 26 were executed by well disposed fire. What's more, the meaning of valor, a word engraved on the decoration, does exclude running down and executing injured, escaping non-warriors. 
7.Civil War
Civil War Soldiers
Dishonorable Event: The Civil War
It positions so low in light of the fact that there were various alleviating factors in its birthplace, one of which you will see later in this rundown. John Q. Adams called this the last clash of the American Revolution, and he passed on 12 years before the Civil War started. He saw it coming. Everybody knew it was coming.The pressures of racial predominance/inadequacy were just going to ascend until the point that the issue was understood. 
The United States was "devoted to the recommendation that all men were made equivalent," aside from, obviously, for blacks, Indians and ladies. White men were consummately fine. Thomas Jefferson comprehended that servitude wasn't right, however did not free his own until his death.The South, populated by a considerable measure of rich white landowners, declined to surrender its "decent establishment" without a battle, and unyieldingly, the battle happened. Incredible credit ought to be given to Henry Clay, Sr., for his Compromise of 1850, which postponed the Civil War by 10 years. There were different issues within reach other than bondage, obviously, including states' rights instead of government rights, however the main right the South minded to keep was the privilege to claim, purchase, offer and exchange slaves.As an aftereffect of everybody's refusal to trade off, more than 600,000 Americans were killed, around 2% of the country's populace at the time. On the off chance that the same were to happen today, 6,000,000 Americans would be killed. Just around 416,000 passed on in WWII. 
Disgraceful Event: Organized Crime
Organization of wrongdoing ended up plainly conceivable to a great extent as a result of the movement of guns innovation. From Postbellum until the 1960s or somewhere in the vicinity, offenders had the exceptionally same weapons as the police. Today, completely programmed guns are illicit in the United States for regular people to claim, work or possess.
In the Roaring 20s, be that as it may, anybody could get one of every a store, and the criminals did as such. The Thompson Submachine Gun was the most looked for after, by a wide margin, took after nearly by the Browning Automatic Rifle (a completely programmed 30-06). The police had them and the crooks had them, and the police's correspondence framework was woefully inadequate.No one knew where the lawbreakers were until the point that they ransacked a bank and made their getaway. At that point the pursuit was on, and running gunbattles every now and again emitted in the avenues, murdering blameless onlookers. Once the police picked up innovation's upperhand, the lawbreakers took to surreptition more than compel in their ventures. 
The FBI was established just to chase them down.It was not until John Gotti was cut down that the back of the New York wrongdoing families was broken. In any case, composed wrongdoing still goes solid in America, particularly in the southwest, where Mexican medication groups are attacking huge urban communities like San Diego and Los Angeles. Furthermore, they have much a similar weaponry once more: completely programmed rifles and rocket launchers, overwhelming annihilation, and a serious contempt for American law authorization.

752Px-Brookssumner Beating
Disgraceful Event: Preston Brooks’s Assault on Charles Sumner
On May 22, 1856, Congressman Brooks, Dem. from SC, walked into the floor of the Senate to confront Sumner, Rep. From MA, over a speech Sumner had made three days prior, in which he humiliated Andrew Butler, Dem. From SC and Brooks’s cousin.
Brooks thought twice about his actions and asked fellow SC Dem. Laurence Keitt how he should go about dueling Sumner. Duels were illegal by then, but this rarely stopped anyone from traveling to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls where dueling was no problem. Keitt, a burly man of well over 6 feet, considered that because of his coarse speech, Sumner was beneath Brooks and therefore did not deserve the honor of a duel.
Brooks then made up his mind that he would simply beat Sumner with his walking cane. Everyone had canes back then, many with swords or muskets hidden in them. Brooks’s was just a cane, slightly over 1 inch thick, made of gutta-percha hardwood from SE Asia, with a 10 or 14 karat gold pommel.
The Senate Chamber was fairly deserted at the time, the day’s business having adjourned. Sumner was a big man of 6 feet 4 inches, to Brooks’s 5 feet 6 inches, but Sumner was seated at his desk working on a speech. These desks were, and still are, bolted to the floor, and the chairs did not have wheels at the time. Brooks informed Sumner that his earlier speech was libelous against his cousin, and proceeded to beat him savagely over the head with his cane.
Sumner tried to fight him off and get up, but his desk hindered him long enough for Brooks to incapacitate him. He beat him so horribly that Sumner ripped his desk out of the floor trying to get away. He staggered up the aisle, bleeding profusely from his head, and fell, blinded by his blood. Brooks following, beating him the whole way and then stood over him swinging until the other senators heard something crack. Brooks had broken his cane just below the pommel.
Sumner was unconscious and lying in a pool of blood. No one could come to his aid because Laurence Keitt had accompanied Brooks and brandished a revolver at them. Brooks walked out and resigned his post, after the House failed to vote him out. Almost every single person in the entire southern half of the United States cheered Brooks and mocked, scorned, ridiculed, and spurned Sumner for the rest of his career. Brooks was sent over 1,000 new canes by citizens all over the South.
The North criticized him, especially Anson Burlingame, Rep. From MA, who spoke so vehemently that Brooks challenged him to a duel. He didn’t think Burlingame would accept, but he did and chose Kentucky long rifles as the weapons. He was one of the finest hunters in the North, and Brooks quickly backed down. Brooks died of severe bronchitis the next year. This event has often been cited as one of the primary polarizations of the Antebellum period, over slavery and racial tensions, a spark to ignite the Civil War.
Martin Luther King
Disgraceful Event: Racism and Its Crimes
In the same vein of two other entries on this list, but significantly different. Especially Postbellum to about 1970. The famous Civil Rights movement is thought of as particular to the 1960s and Martin Luther King, Jr., but politicians, black and white, had been arguing for equal rights under the law since at least the founding of the country.
“All men are created equal…endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, etc.,” does not include a proviso against black people or Asian people, or any other “race.” But the reality around the country could not be ignored unless out of hatred or impudence, and this is precisely what the majority did until the Civil War compelled a change of government. And though the government changed, and blacks were given the rights to vote and hold office, racial thought would take much longer to right itself.
From Postbellum until the 1970s, blacks were treated monstrously by a lot of white mobs in the South. The Ku Klux Klan was formed “in order to protect white rights,” as its members claimed, but was really just an outlet for their rage, as they banded together and beat, tortured and lynched black people for what was perceived as the slightest infraction of the law. Never mind that this was, itself, breaking the law. And those in power did not seem to care about stopping these crimes. Including any specific example might be too lurid, but consider one of the most notorious instances, that of Willy Brown:
He was accused of raping a white woman, who identified him as the rapist. He was held in protective custody in the Omaha Courthouse from September 28 to 29, 1919, until the entire city had degenerated into a full-scale riot. A mob of over 4,000 white men, women and children besieged Brown, the mayor and his police in the courthouse, looted gun stores for over 1,000 firearms and began shooting the courthouse windows out.
They set the building on fire and demanded Brown be given up. The mayor went out and allowed them to hang him if they would leave. They promptly did so, then went back at the courthouse. The sheriff and his deputies drove through them, breaking people’s legs and arms, cut the mayor down, and drove him to a hospital. He survived.
The courthouse garrison finally relinquished Brown, who was hanged within 5 minutes from a power line. The mob shot at him for another 5 minutes, then cut him down, tied him to a car’s wheel and dragged him through the city, then doused him in lantern oil and set him on fire. They photographed him. Then dragged him through the streets again. The rape victim later retracted her statement and told some friends she just wanted to see a black man die.
3.Witch hunts
Disgraceful Event: The Salem Witch Trials
In winter of 1691-92, in Salem Village, Massachusetts, outside Salem proper, four girls, Ann Putnam Jr. (12), Abigail Williams (11), Elizabeth Parris (9), and Mary Walcott (17), apparently began to suffer seizures, screaming fits, bursts of gibberish, general fear and violence against others.
It is now theorized by most that Parris and Williams, the two who started the craze, were simply looking to get attention for themselves. But once they were suspected of “indwelling by the Devil,” a crime which might have gotten them executed, they immediately blamed various people throughout Salem Village, and even neighboring towns of possessing them with their spirits, witchcraft and communion with Satan.
The entire area was paranoid about Satan in the first place, and was thus a powderkeg waiting to go off. Putnam and Walcott are believed to have started doing the same thing just for the fun of joining in, but Putnam’s parents saw her “possession” as a convenient means to get rid of some local enemies they’d made. Walcott is thought to have been involved for the sheer pleasure of causing others’ deaths.
It would take too long to give all the particulars here, but in the end, 19 people were hanged in public for witchcraft, and one man, Giles Corey, at about 80 years old, was crushed to death beneath heavy stones for refusing to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. The local magistrates even indicted and imprisoned a 4 your year old girl named Dorothy Good and aggressively interrogated her as to whether she was a witch.
She, of course, had no idea what in the world they were talking about and only wept for her mother, who disowned her to save herself. They finally told her to confess to witchcraft and she would be given back to her mother, which, of course, she did. She was released on 50 pounds bail and went insane from the ordeal.
The hysteria did not stop until the Governor George Phipps, who knew people were being killed, was informed that his wife had been accused of witchcraft. He immediately ordered the entire farce to cease.
Only five years later, every party involved in accusing or prosecuting innocent people repented, claimed to be ashamed, and begged everyone’s forgiveness. Except for John Hathorne, one of the judges. He condemned, or joined in condemning, most of those executed, rejoiced at their executions, and felt absolutely no remorse for the rest of his life, not even when several women suffered miscarriages in prison due to starvation and the atrocious squalor.
He called these dead infants, “righteous punishment from the Almighty. The children were not human, but born of the Devil, and now burn in the everlasting flames.” Abigail Williams disappeared, some say to New York, where she may have become a prostitute.
Disgraceful Event: Slavery
Tied in with more than one of this list’s entries, slavery is the heart of quite a few problems of America’s past. It’s over, but the resentment felt by blacks toward whites still exists. This country was founded by a bunch of white men with European ancestry, who touted the principle of universal equality. But at the same time, they imported slaves from Africa in order to tend their own property, rather than doing so themselves.
Quickly, slaves became a status symbol, just like any other property. The more you owned, the wealthier you were. Families of black people were broken up at slave auctions and never saw each other again. They were treated precisely the same as cattle. Whites defended this from Antebellum until the 1970s by quoting Genesis 9:27: “God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.” Canaan was the son of Ham, and this is the famous curse of Ham passage. His name is “Ham” in Hebrew, pronounced “hom,” and means “hot” or “burned,” which seems to be a reference to a darker color of skin.
The uneducated whites of the general public from Antebellum to the 1970s always assumed that Ham referred to a black person because black people like to eat pork. That’s not a lie or an exaggeration. The verse was therefore extrapolated to mean that black people should be servants of…who else but the opposite of black? White people.
This was how slavery was defended as a divinely approved institution for centuries. Of course slavery was instituted in America by white people out of a desire for power over other humans, and a lethargy concerning farming. The true shame of it is inherent throughout: its origins are idiotic and cruel; its longevity is beyond belief and outside logic.
1.Land Snatch
Indian Land Theft Sale
Disgraceful Event: The Usurpation of Land from American Indians
It was one of Hitler’s inspirations for the Holocaust. How to get it done properly. You don’t start with force immediately. First you pretend to strike deals with the race you want out of your way. Then you double-cross them when the time is right, but don’t make the double-cross obvious. Keep them confused as to why you would renege, and guessing as to whether you really have. Until it’s too late for them to stop you.
In order to “appease your own people,” as it were, and not have a rebellion, you inform them over and over, years after years, that the race whose land and property you’re taking is primitive and violent, and that you’re not really causing them any harm. The Holocaust isn’t the only time this has happened.
And although the United States certainly didn’t engage in wholesale slaughter of the Indians, of the degree of the Holocaust, the U. S. government did, for centuries, uphold the principle of expanding the nation’s borders until reaching an ocean, whether or not this expansion came at anyone else’s expense.
The most infamous instance of this is President Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal Act of 1830. The Choctaw, Creek, Cherokee, Seminole and Chickasaw tribes were forced off their lands in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and Florida, and required to move to what is now Oklahoma. Neither the President nor any other white person seemed able to understand why they did not want to leave. Some did of their own accord, but most were finally forced to pick up and move, and were forced to do so on foot. Chief Justice John Marshall ruled that the Cherokee Nation was not subject to Georgia’s state law, only national law.
But nevertheless, the Indian Removal Act passed in Congress by a single vote. Abraham Lincoln opposed it, as did David Crockett, who argued that America had no more right to take the Indians’ land than the British had to take America’s land.
With the Act in place, the states in questions were allotted 7,000 armed militia to force the Indians out. 13,000 Cherokee were herded in concentration camps in the freezing cold, where 2,000 to 8,000 of them died from cholera, famine and exposure. This went on from 1831 to 1847.
All told, 19,500 Creek, 4,300 Chickasaw, 12,500 Choctaw, 2,833 Seminole and 20,000 Cherokee were forced to walk to Oklahoma, a distance of no less than 200 miles for the Chickasaw and Choctaw, and up to 1,000 for the Seminole. Thousands died en route. The practice was euphemized by white politicians at the time as “manifest destiny.” Hitler called it “lebensraum,” “living room.” No President has ever apologized for the Indian Removal Act. It is now called the Trail of Tears, and it is one of many times America forced Indians off their land.

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