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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

North Korean hackers steal South Korea and US war plan (World War 3 Is Coming)

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You know about Bulltincafe, We are always trying to give you some interesting news. One more interesting news comes from North Korea asunder. World War 3 Is Coming

Pyongyang-Tokyo: North Korean programmers have hacked the war design of America and South Korea. It has been asserted that the mystery records of the United States and South Korea have been done in North Korea's hands, in which the scheme to execute different pioneers, including Tanasha Kim Jong Un, has been incubated. South Korean legislator Rhee Chelle said that the programmers of the North Korean armed force propelled the mystery records in August-September a year ago by signing into the Intranet of the South Korean Defense Ministry site. 
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De. Rising reports from the Intranet of the Korean Defense Ministry 
Programmers accomplished 235 GB of information, however just 10,700 archives could be recognized. The character of 80 percent of records is pending. There are likewise reports identified with South Korean army installations and power plants. There is likewise a portrayal of the joint war investigation of South Korea and US troops. As per Reena, as indicated by a mystery design made in 2015, the South Korean Defense Ministry recognized the programmers' assault on their intranets yet declined to spill data. 
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A Celebrating Day of Celebration in Korea Korean armed force alarm 

North Korea's 72nd Foundation Day of North Korean Workers Party was commended on Tuesday. Tanashah Kim Jong Un was not engaged with any program. North Korea's military caution is on the North Korean rocket test. 

India said in the UN - Korea's atomic reactor is a boundary to non-expansion 

India's lasting delegate in the atomic weapons-related meeting , Amandeep Singh Gill, said that the endeavors of non-multiplication of atomic demobilization and atomic weapons on the planet have been hindered because of little scale national interests and North Korean rocket tests.

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