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Monday, 25 September 2017

Chances of World War III

Chances of World War III happening is very slim.

Because, it would mean the destruction of entire humanity, from the huge amount of nuclear bombs which will be used if war breaks out. There are nuclear bombs like Tsar, with Russia and USA. Which is 3,000 times more powerful than that of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.
Now, consider all the major countries and current events which are involved in triggering a war to break out.
  1. USA: They does not want North Korea to continue their nuclear programme, considering the fact that Kim Jong Un, has openly sworn to nuke America, South Korea and Japan. Also, it is the North Korean regime which invaded South Korea which led to Korean War - (25 June 1950 – 27 July 1953)Chances of US intervention through UN to stop this regime is very high before he manages to develop required nuclear warhead and missile technology.
  2. China: China has made things clear with their stance since a long time on USA’s foreign policies. It absolutely does not want USA’s influence to the east, especially on surrounding neighbors like Pakistan, North Korea, India etc. That is the reason Chinese government has blocked YouTube and Facebook throughout China. This is the only reason, Chinese are against USA’s military intervention against NK, even though they consider Kim Jong Un to be a big headache.
  3. Russia: This article clearly explains Russia’s relationship with North Korea and USA. From the article, we can conclude that Putin would lean towards the USA if NK continues with its nuclear programme.
Xi Jinping and Putin are wise to realize that another world war will lead to full-scale use of nuclear warheads. End of humanity. Let us ignore Trump and say, US Congress is wise and promised not use Nukes in case of military intervention against North Korea.
What might be going under the blanket of diplomacy talks among China, USA and Russia?

Consider all the below points for the answer,
We have noticed several meetings have taken place between these three countries since the threat of nuclear bombs from Kim Jong Un. There was even high-level secret meeting in UN, which they said it was on the security issue in Syria.
You have recently noticed that, Mother Of All Bombs (MOAB) was used successfully to destroy underground tunnels and caves used by ISIS members. USA claims that MOAB is the most powerful non-nuclear bomb.
China and Russia have deployed their troops around the borders they share with North Korea, to possibly to manage the outburst of refuges in case war breaks out.
China has asked its citizens to come back from North Korea by canceling all the business ventures.

In conclusion, all these diplomacy talks and actions by China, Russia and USA points out that there could be a pre-emptive strike on North Korea. That is the best strategy against this mad unpredictable dictator, who is ready to use nuclear bombs on other countries.
But, both Russia and China are trying to end this Kim Jong Un’s nuclear threats through diplomacy for the reason I have explained above.
Let us hope and do our best to avoid innocent loss of lives. Remember the consequences of nuclear winter on all the living creatures on the Earth.

But Frankly, speaking worrying about the next war isn’t good for your mental health.
In a way, WWIII is already happening anyways. You see it daily on the television, in the newspapers and on the various news websites. Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria and various other countries around the world are already dealing with various internal conflicts. At this moment, the situation in Syria is already critical as NATO and Russia have already been shooting at one another. (Or, basically Turkey shot down two Russian fighter planes for trespassing over Turkish territories and a few accidental incidents between the various nations within Syria.)
But the way in which wars are fought has been changing since WWI. During WWI, soldiers were fighting on battlefields with two clear sides shooting at one another. Things changed a bit as planes were also used to drop bombs and shoot at enemy soldiers but WWI required a lot of manpower.
In WWII, things changed. There were still various battlefields but they were generally a lot smaller than those of WWI. Tanks and mobile infantry would move around a lot faster and more advanced planes and bombers would just fly over the enemy troops and bomb sensitive, hostile areas. A lot of fighting in WWII happened in the sky and at sea. (Especially at sea in the Pacific.)
WWIII is basically a conflict with no clear battlefields anymore, as planes and now drones can attack various different targets. This combined with terrorism where hostiles will infiltrate civilian areas and cause a lot of victims (Daesh/ISIS) makes WWIII a bit of a dirty conflict. Thing is, the UN, USA, Europe, Russia and China don’t want to admit that there’s a World War going on right now, as this would make Daesh an official hostile entity instead of just a bunch of terrorists.
But the whole world is already dealing with a conflict all over, as Daesh, the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and several other extremist groups are disrupting normal life everywhere to enforce their own lifestyle everywhere.

So, what will happen if this grows to a real WWIII conflict? Well, most likely the same as what is happening now. Russia and the USA will not want to attack one another as both have plenty of nukes to destroy the whole planet. The biggest fear is that nuclear material gets in the hands of Daesh as they would be willing to use it, though. Pakistan, India, Israel, China and France also have nukes while the rest of Europe has secret locations where the USA is keeping some of their nukes ready for deployment. North Korea also has a nuclear potential, although it is unknown how well their delivery system will be. It is assumed that Iran might have some nuclear weapons that have been developed in North Korea but they haven’t done any tests with these explosives. They did have various missile tests, though.
A conflict between Pakistan and India could result in a nuclear conflict, which would be felt all over the world, but both countries are unwilling to go this far.
North Korea is crazy enough to start a conflict with South Korea but it is unlikely that they would be supported by China in such a conflict. If they would try, Japan, South Korea and the USA would team up and strike back with conventional missiles and air attacks, leveling all military bases in North Korea. North Korea might attempt to launch nuclear missiles but their missile system is quite unreliable and might explode on launch. (Or go in the wrong direction and hit mainland China.) While North Korea has plenty of soldiers, they just don’t have the proper equipment to last long enough against their enemies. Unless China will support them, which is unlikely if North Korea is the aggressor…
Israel and Iran might also get in some conflict, in which case Israel will get the support from Europe and the USA. Most Arab nations are allied with the USA so they can’t openly support Iran in this conflict. Iraq would support the USA as they have been a former enemy of Iran. If Iran is the aggressor then they cannot be easily supported by China or Russia so they would be all alone. It is unlikely that Israel will be the aggressor.
But right now, no nuclear country is really trying to expand their territories. They are trying to expand their influence all over the world, though.
WWIII will mostly be fought without clear battlefields. It will mostly be a political game with a low amount of casualties. The larger nations like the USA, Europe, Russia and China have already been testing their forces against one another for decades, as they get involved in various conflicts all over the World. The Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Soviet War against Afghanistan were all former conflicts where all sides were mostly testing their weapons against one another. That won’t change…

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